de es schwertberger - period 4, works of art, 1990-2000

Period 4: In the Web (1990 - 2000)

This period explores the interaction between the artificial and the organic. I worked with themes that enforced the metaphysical significance of this relationship: A meta-structure rising out of an empty space, jungle or swamp and then sinking back into it again, a coastal city as a metaphor for civilisation, a human body being replaced by a patterned mass of tightly woven figures.

A stream of souls that inhabits the structures, getting caught in webs and attaching itself to beams and slings while struggling incessantly towards freedom in the upper regions where the architectural web is dissolving, but where a new structure is being formed by the stream of souls.

The earlier paintings are interior views of the structures, giving the viewer the feeling of being in them: the viewer is caught in them, but then after being disentangled, rises up with the flow of the mass to a position above the structures. The viewer can look down to see THE SKIN OF THE EARTH spreading underneath in which the human eye cannot focus or find shelter easily.

Horizons pile up in a formation of waves. Structures liquefy. Waves of time roll over the sea of images while the tides of sight spread out PATTERNS OF LIFE on the shores of the inner eye.