de es period 3: paintings 1980-1990

Period 3: Light of Life (1980 - 1990)

The principle of continuos transformation is the driving force of this period. It focuses on the human being who dives into an abundance of light and into vortices of elements in order to become one with everything.

In 1980, the vision of a DOME OF PEACE emerged, inspiring the LIGHT OF LIFE cycle of 100 paintings (each 80 x 80 inches). While creating these, I wanted to integrate previous insights, but without sacrificing the surprises and spontaneity of my creative momentum. With 50 of these paintings I moved back to Vienna in 1986.

LIGHT OF LIFE (100 paintings for the DOME OF PEACE)

light of life, De Es Schwertberger 1980-1990

The habit of working on large canvases altered my painting style, providing the creative space to place fast and sketchy paintings alongside intricate and layered ones. The ability of young and old energy to coexist added new dimensions to my work. Nature, geometric structure and bubbles made it possible to envision new spaces in which the cosmic being experiences the different stances in its dance around the light of life.

This period, ending in 1990, includes also other (smaller) paintings: LIVING STRUCTURES, DANCES OF JOY, EMBRACES, CLEARINGS, which are either studies for the subject of transformations or “off sparks” of it.

period 3 from DE ES, studies + smaller paintings 1980-1990