Dome of Peace, a house and symbol for world-unity, world-peace and world-culture

Dome of Peace

The DOME OF PEACE is a synthesis of the arts by the artist De Es Schwertberger. It is a house of inspiration, in the service of the realisation of the dreams of humanity: WORLDUNITY, WORLDPEACE and WORLDCULTURE. The DOME OF PEACE shall point the direction to a humane and dignified future, everywhere on our planet. The dome is an exhibition and performance center, as well as a hall of contemplation, congregation and celebration.

The basic shape of the building consists of four semi-circles, representing politics, religion, science and the arts, which surround the HUMANITY FORUM (with a diameter of more than 40 meters). The inner circle represents UNITED HUMANITY and the centerpoint the WHOLE MAN. The central issues of humanity are the themes of the forum-program.

Dome of Peace by DE ES

3D animation (Peter Gric)

Life Poles

The foundation stone of the vision of the DOME OF PEACE is the triptych LIFEPOLES, created in 1977 (BLACK HOLE — GRAY MASS — WHITE LIGHT). It is destined for the entrance hall of the building. Each painting is 3 x 2 meters.

Life Poles triptych by DE ES

Light of Life

The impressive cycle of oil paintings, with the title LIGHT OF LIFE, was created by De Es from 1980 - 1990. It consists of 100 paintings, each 2 x 2 meters. If they are arranged side by side in a circle, which has a diameter of more than 60 meters, the basic dimension of the DOME OF PEACE (in which the paintings will be exhibited permanently) is defined.

Light of Life paintings


Planetarian-sculptures and installations are designed to populate a park-area around the dome. The STONEMAN from the STONEPERIOD (period 2, 1970-1980) continues to live as a sculpture since 1987. The artist named the original (made out of plaster) PLANETARIAN. The copies are made of polyester and painted with acrylics. The stone-skin of the Stoneman transformed on the Planetarian-sculptures into colorful, vivid basic patterns.

The diversity of paintings on the skin of the PLANETARIANS demonstrate the concept of ALL ARE THE SAME — ALL ARE DIFFERENT. Planetarians are coming from a world without borders, bringing the message of the fullness of inner power. They are upright messengers of PEACE, from the DIMENSION OF WHOLENESS.

Planetarian sculptures for the Dome of Peace