De Es Schwertberger exhibitions


2016: “Mixed Doppel” (Lucia Riccelli, Karin Ziegelwanger, Hanno Karlhuber, DE ES), Trierenberg Holding AG, Traun, Austria
2015: WIKAM, Gallery Szaal, Vienna
VIENNAFAIR, Gallery Szaal, Vienna
2014: WIKAM, Gallery Szaal, Vienna
Art Austria, Gallery Szaal, Vienna
2013: “Natur bewegt”, Sinnreich, Vienna
WIKAM, Gallery Szaal, Vienna
2012: “Kraft tanken”, 13 Planetarians, Brugg, Swiss
2011: Raumgefüge (Space Structure), Airport Vienna, VIP terminal
“9 Planetarians at the WIKAM”, Palace NÖ, Vienna
2007: Dickicht (Thicket), AKH-Gallery, Vienna
“Architextures”, Palace Palffy, Vienna
2006: 6ter Sinn (Sixth Sense), Sinnreich, Vienna
2003: Gleichnis (Allegory), Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2002: Patterns of the city, Gallery Akum, Vienna
2001: Planetarians on vacation, Velden
Planetarians in St. Peter an der Sperr, Wr. Neustadt
2000 - 2001: Exhibition of Planetarians, Graz
2000: 100 Planetarians, Himmelswiese, Vienna
1999: Centre for Documentation, St. Pölten
Planetarians at the Vienna City Festival
1998: Kuenburg Payerbach, Austria
Retrospective, Chateau Gruyeres, Swiss
1997: Frauenbad, Baden
“Sinnlicher Sommer”, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
“Wieder Sehen”, Gallery Lang, Vienna
1995: The skin of the earth, Künstlerhaus Gallery
1993: Kreuzwegstation im Sinnreich
1991: 40 Planetarians, Swiss (Loeb Corporation)
1990: Opel Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
1988: Gallery Steinmühle, Linz, Austria
Sammlung Ludwig, Germany
1987: Gallery Würthle in the “Sinnreich”, Vienna
1980 - 86: Studio Planet Earth, N. Y. C.
1984: Austrian Artists IMF, Washington D.C.
1983: Museum of the Visual Arts, New York
1982: Art Expo New York
Graham Gallery, N.Y.C, “New York Visionaries”
1981: Art Expo New York
Marshall Fields Gallery, Chicago
Govinda Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1980: Hansen Gallery, New York City
Virtu Gallery, Naples, Florida
Bronx Museum, New York
1979: Hansen Gallery, New York City
Quantum Gallery, New York City
1978: Gallery Yolanda, Chicago
1977: Graham Gallery, New York City
1976: James Yu Gallery, New York City
Aldrich Museum, Connecticut
1975: Hansen Gallery, New York City
1974: Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
Gallery Spectrum, Vienna, Austria
Gallery Academia, Salzburg, Austria
Gallery Jasa, Munich, Germany
1973: Galeria La Lanterna, Trieste, Italy
1972: Action Gallery, Bern, Swiss
1971: Action Gallery, Bern, with H. R. Giger
Gallery Palette, Zurich, Swiss
Gallery Herzog, Büren, Swiss
1970: Gallery Bernard, Solothurn, Swiss
Gallery Aurora, Geneva, Italy
Gallery Hartmann, Munich, Germany
1964 - 1965: Gallery Ernst Fuchs, Vienna

Major Works

THE SKIN OF THE EARTH (1997 - 1999):
A cycle about nature and civilisation

LIGHT OF LIFE (1980 - 1990):
100 paintings for the DOME OF PEACE

A triptych for self-orientation

PHILOSOPHER'S STONE (1972 - 1974):
Images for self-exploration


NEOLITHIC (since 2015):
New stone paintings

PERIOD 5 (2000 - 2015):

PERIOD 4 (1990 - 2000):
IN THE WEB (The web of life is thickening)

PERIOD 3 (1980 - 1990):
LIGHT OF LIFE (Man is a cosmic being)

PERIOD 2 (1970 - 1980):
STONEMAN (Man is stuck in matter)

PERIOD 1 (1960 - 1970):
THE SEARCH (Man is a seeker)


PLANETARIANS (since 1991):

Synthesis of the Arts

The DOME OF PEACE is a house and symbol for world unity, world peace and world culture.

Books + Publications

1992: Heavy Light (Morpheus International)
1984: Philosopher's Stone (a deck of 40 cards, Sphinx)
1982: Sharing Light (author's edition)
1972: Fundamentale Bilder (author's edition)


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Heavy Metal Magazine
Triad Magazine
Avant Garde Magazine
Bres Magazine
Arts Magazine
L'Art Visionaire (Michel Random)
The Viennese School of Fantastic Realism (Muschik)